ITMA 2023 Exhibition

ITMA – Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition is back in Milan.

From June 8 to 14 2023, ITMA 2023, the international exhibition that attracts the best of modern technology related to the textile industry from around the world, will be held in Milan.

Types of OCM doors suitable for the textile industry

OCM Industrial Doors manufactures fast sliding doors, flexible doors and movable partitions, indispensable components for the textile industry, suitable for both medium and large-sized companies to ensure practicality, tightness and high operating performance in the compartmentalization of processing rooms.

We produce PVC partitions that can be installed in the textile industry to separate spinning, twisting and winding machines used for yarn production processes.

The insulating capacity of industrial separation walls prevents the passage of dust produced by yarn processing from one side of the wall to the other, safeguarding fibers and combers from contamination by external agents.

Flexible PVC partition walls reduce heat loss in textile processing environments where it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature so as not to ruin machines and yarns.

In addition, movable partitions allow you to constantly change the division of space without damaging the walls or leaving marks, and are easy to install and wash.