Industrial Doors
OCM Industrial Doors produces and exports high-quality industrial doors, high speed doors, fast action doors.
Industrial high speed doors
High speed pack-away or rollup doors, partition walls, strip curtains, polyethylenen doors and much more.

Welcome to OCM Industrial Doors

High-speed industrial automatic door
Over 60 years of great experience in industrial doors! Quality, compentence and flexibility always at your service!

This is what OCM Industrial Doors offers: an effective product, plus money and energy savings. We work with dedication and passion since many years to offer to our customers the best value for money and reliable and durable products.

You can choose among a series of products such as high speed pack-away or roll-up doors, strip curtains, polyethylenen doors and much more. To ensure maximum security and reliability of the doors all our products are in accordance with European regulation.


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