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Industrial roller shutters in Biella

Choose our industrial roller shutters for secure and durable closure in commercial and industrial applications: they offer unique design, security, high quality of operation and a wide range of customisation possibilities.

Our industrial roller shutters are widely used in warehouses, shops, garages, fully customisable in size, colour and finish, designed to offer robust protection against any external agent.

Industrial roller shutters - production in Biella

Industrial roller shutters are roller shutters that open and close with a vertical rolling system. They are particularly suitable for areas with frequent passage of pedestrians and goods, without slowing down traffic or interrupting daily operations.

It is a complete system used for enclosures in various fields of application: logistics buildings, industrial and storage halls, car parks, loading/unloading areas, warehouses or other cases of predominantly commercial use.

The roller shutter consists of profiles with two 4 mm thick steel surfaces, one inside and one outside, connected together with polyurethane foam (intermediate).

Quietness is often a key aspect in ensuring the efficiency of a workplace, which can be achieved by choosing our shutters, as they offer considerable sound insulation.

Thanks to their compact roll-up closure, the shutters are space-saving and therefore save a lot of useful space inside the building.

For added safety, the door opens and closes slowly thanks to an adjustable-speed inverter inside the control panel.

Main advantages

  • efficiency, reliability and durability
  • quiet and safe operation
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • low maintenance required
  • excellent resistance to adverse outdoor conditions, without the need for additional, expensive equipment
  • wide range of finishes and colours to meet all customer requirements