Remote control

Remote control with hand-held transmitter

The radio receiver is installed inside the control panel.

One or more hand-held transmitters, with two or four channels, can be set to remotely open a single door or several doors.

  • range up to 150 m
  • settable frequency with 1024 combinations
OCM Remote Control

Remote control with transmitter in box for forklift truck

The transmitter is specially designed for industrial enclosure application, which guarantees high resistance to dust and moisture.

It is suitable for installation on forklift trucks.

  • equipped with “mushroom” call buttons
  • easy to install
  • measures:

Remote control with multi-channel transmitter

Small, durable and attractively designed transmitter, suitable for efficient industrial doors and gates opening and closing.

With a variable number of functions and buttons depending on the model and individual requirements, it can be set to remotely control one or more doors simultaneously.

It can be mounted on the top rail of forklift trucks or any mobile equipment, and the durable and user-friendly system makes this device efficient, safe and practical.

The transmitter is IP67-rated and instruction and maintenance manuals are included.