Pack-away doors for overhead crane

Our fast action doors can also be combined with the use of an overhead travelling crane system, where the lifting and transporting of heavy goods and materials through industrial buildings (and from outside to inside the area of production) it's needed.
The use of a fast action door allows the use of the overhead crane machinery with no contact or damage to the door or the doorframe.

The size of the door may change according to where the door will be placed. Our fast action doors meet all the security standards and avoid heat losses or acoustic dispersion.


  • High operational speed when opening and closing (up to 1 m/s)
  • Reliability and security
  • Energy efficiency (low levels of energy consumption)
  • Full customizable in size and colour (some portholes can be added)

All ours doors are CE marked and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

Contact us to receive any further information and to get your custom-made door.

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