Flexible swing doors are recommended for separating working areas in industrial and commercial sites without limiting the transit of people and carts.

They create a perfect thermal and sound insulation, increasing employee comfort and cutting energy costs.

These doors also reduce dust dispersion from nearby work areas and can be used where high hygienic standards are required. They are in fact commonly used in the following areas:

  • warehouses
  • supermarkets
  • food preparation areas
  • cold stores
  • clean rooms
  • hospitals
  • hypermarkets

The frame of the door is made of steel (painted or stainless). The PVC flexible tarp is available in the following models:

  • completely transparent tarp
  • coloured pvc bottom and transparent top of the tarp
  • coloured pvc bottom and top of the tarp and transparent central part
  • black rubber bottom and transparent top of the tarp

Installation and maintenance are quick and easy and doesn't require any special skill.

These doors usually open by pushing them (the closing is automatic) but you can ask for the following models incorporating a pneumatic open-close system:

  • PNEUMATIK: pneumatic door opener with a pressure-sensitive profile on the door, self-closing.
  • COMANTEX: opening and closing are automatic, operable using a push button, remote control, PIR radar and induction loop.


  • resistant and durable
  • good visibility
  • different models available
  • easy maintenance
  • self-closing
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