High speed self-repairing doors are designed for the inside and the outside of the production areas, in every industrial context, to meet the requirements of different working environments.

It can isolate working areas from noise, dust and all the contaminants that could damage all working processes, but at the same time the fast speed of opening and closing of the rapid self-repairing  door enable energy and cost savings as well as optimized traffic flows, of people and machinery, production and logistic activities.

In case of accidental impact, if something hits the tarp of the high speed self-repairing PVC roller shutter, it immediately release all the energy and does not break: the flexible curtain re-inserts itself, with no need to get involved manually, so it avoids the risk of injury and damages, drastically reducing technical service times and costs, guaranteeing at the same time wind load resistance.

The  frame of the high speed PVC self-repairing door is made of galvanised stainless or coated steel, that gives major resistance to the door, high-quality panels,resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, sensors, photocells and barriers make this product both safe and durable, being totally self-repairing.

The installation of the self recovering rapid door is quick and easy, it doesn't require any special skill and needs low maintenance.


-Permits energy and costs savings

-In case of impact, the flexible curtain re-inserts itself

-Insallation is quick and easy and no nees any particular skill

-Low maintenance


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