Electromechanical barriers meet the requirements of rapid and intensive access control in parking places, residential complexes, and so on.

It is possible to fix the barrier system on the ground by nags or by plate foundation (optional).

The frame has a metallic cover painted black with system key, and safety-microswitch (when the cover is open it is not possible to operate the barrier electrically).

The motor single phase 230V - 50 / 60 Hz fan cooled, heavy duty, is connected by a tooth pulley and belt to the steel screw for the movement.

The steel screw d.20 mm have an anti-friction nut (white) connected to the shaft for the rotation of the arm.

The shaft is supported by a special bushing fixed on the frame.

The shaft is manufactured with the possibly to have the arm of the barriers in right or left side.

The end of the arm's rotation is effected by the limit switches adjustable with a cam.

There is also a stopper absorber (spring bower) fixed on the primary shaft.

The manual operation is done with a handle once the cover is opened.

It is possible to supply a mobile support fixed on the arm, or a support fixed on the ground and skirt for the arm (optional).



Customers and personnels parking areas can be separated by our road barriers.
The frame is covered by the aluminium panels pre-painted 12/10 mm RAL 3003.
Some of the benefits you can have installing road barriers are:

  • Trouble free operation
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Microprocessor control unit with all necessary functions
  • Optimum protection of drive unit against vandalism
  • Minimum maintenance

Technical Specifications

Automatic barrier OCM-M 640 max. 6 mtr. - 8 sec. opening.
Steel frame 30/10 mm. welded and protected against the rust by the cataphoresis.
Dimension 370x235x1060h.
The control box is type 5000 already connected.
The arm is an aluminium 80x30x2 with red stickers.

Technical Data

Supply 230 V~
Power 200 W
Absorption 1,6 A
Condenser 10 mF
Lubrication A grease
Functioning Intensive

Manual Version

OCM-MN 040 Manual Barrier

Speed Versions

OCM-IV 240 Pole max 2 meters
Opening speed 1,5 seconds
OCM-V 340 Pole max 3 meters
Opening speed 3,5 seconds
OCM-M 640 Pole max 6 meters
Opening speed 8 seconds
OCM-G 840 Pole max 8 meters
Opening speed 12 seconds


  • With ventilated motor for an intensive use.
  • The barrier can be placed right or left.
  • Loom/ frame galvanized and aluminium panels prepainted.
  • Complete with a control plant.
  • It's also possible to apply blinkers or racks.
  • Versions with supple pole.

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