This model is particularly useful indoor spaces with large transit of people and where the separation of different production areas is required. The START LT door is cheap and requires very little space. It also protects the environment from dust and contaminants. The risk of injury during closing operation can be avoided by the soft bar installed at the bottom of the flexible panel.


This door can be placed even in spaces where high standards of hygiene are required:
  • cold chambers
  • supermarkets
  • hospitals
  • butchers
  • shopping malls
  • food preparation areas
  • commercial kitchens


The installation is quick and easy, it doesn't require any special skills, thanks to electrical and mechanical pre-assembled parts. Spare parts and accessories are available and in case of a failure repairing is easy and quick.

Customers can choose among different accessories and opening controls: push buttons, remote controls, microwaved radar...

All ours doors are CE marked and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

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