Roll-up doors combined with conveyor systems

Thanks to their fast opening and closing roll-up doors are perfect for those industrial areas where goods are carried by a conveyor or roller transport system.

The combined use of our roll up doors and a roller or conveyor system speeds up the logistic satisfying the need of fast goods transport, allowing the automation of the production and improving the overall productivity. Using our roll-up doors you will be able to implement a "just in time" production.

We can offer you a customized solution, suitable for different business areas such as manufacturing, logistic and warehousing.


  • fast opening and closing
  • reliable and safe
  • low energy consumption
  • built analysing customer's needs
Roll-up doors need little space and are the perfect solution where the lack of space is a problem.
All ours doors are CE marked and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

Choosing our roll-up doors is a good investment for you, contact us to receive any further information and get your customized door.

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