OCM's isothermal dock seals are used, outside industrial complexes, to facilitate unloading and loading operations from the goods.

In addition, the flexible parts that make up the dock seals for the load points help to reduce the thermal dispersion from the inside of the industrial environment to the outside ensuring a significant energy saving and protecting machinery and people in case of bad weather.

The front part in rubber and the side parts in PVC coated polyester of the dock shelters portals allow the structure to compress itself  during the unloading and loading operations of the goods and absorb any shocks due to wrong maneuvers, wrong maneuvers, so they protect the industrial structure from possible damages, then returning to the original position when the truck moves away.

The perimeter sealants with curtains are flexible and robust, require low maintenance and any change in case of wear is simple and economical.


-Facilitates the loading and unloading of goods

-Ensures good energy savings

-Replacement is simple and economical

-The great flexibility of all parts allows the absorption of impacts



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