In Barcelona ITMA presents the novelties of the textile industry.

High speed roll up doors, sliding doors, movable partition walls and latest technological innovations in the field of textiles, will be at ITMA from the 20th top the 26th of june, the international exposition in Barcellona that attracts from all over the world the best of modern technology from the textile industry's world.

These flexible doors, spearhead of OCMflex from Biella, are essential for the textile sector, in medium and large companies. The appointment in this Spanish metropolis attracts internationally  sellers and buyers of this important industrial sector.

In yarns' sector are important and useful flexible partition walls. Handy and practices, are essential, for exemple, to not mix various types of colours used in textile industries whit others colours and differents materials that are worked in the same room.

So this is why insulating panels are used in textile processing, thus promoting selective, easy and practical work.

High speed roll up doors are useful elements for environments in which safety, speed and reliability are requested. Washable and practical, they are tools successfully used in textile industry thanks to ductility and ease of assembly and replacement.

Also high speed fold up doors are udeful resources to speed up the transition from one compartment to another in a easy and practical way.

Equipped with a good watertight seal, they can be adapted to differents industrial types, designed to last in time and to resist to different pressures and temperatures.

OCM guarantees these doors for their convenience . They are also useful for big environments maintaining at the same time safety, speed and practicality.

OCMFLEX' products have an excellent relation practicality and price, low maintenance and they are easy to install.

This is why the products of this Biella's company, famous all over the world, are able to reach a reach variety of costumers who rely on the OCMFLEX family’s many years of experience.


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