High speed doors for cold rooms

Fast action door with double insulated sheet, thanks to its special processing, has been designed for companies operating in the field of industrial refrigeration, to facilitate the passage between two environments with significant differences in temperature and humidity: their high insulating power limits thermal dispersion, for example, between an industrial production area at room temperature and a refrigeration room, thus ensuring a significant energy saving.

The speed of opening and closing of the high speed door for cold rooms and the processing of the double insulated PVC sheet of which the door is composed minimize temperature changes, prevent the loss of energy and thus prevent the formation of ice and condensation due to the thermal change. This reduces the need to remove the cold and frost on the hot side, elements that lead to premature wear of the door itself and avoids the risk of slipping.

To prevent the accumulation of ice on the uprights, these are equipped with self-heating cables.

The fast door with double insulated sheet for cold rooms helps to satisfy the main needs of the industries operating in the cold chain: stable temperatures inside the cold rooms, minimum energy consumption and frost prevention.

-High insulating power, reduces heat loss and ensures good energy savings

-Suitable for refrigerators and cold stores

-Avoid formation of ice and condensation

-Maintains stable temperatures inside cold rooms



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