High speed roll up doors are fast industrial doors suitable for indoor use, insulate working environments from dust, noise and limit heat loss ensuring a good energy saving.

High speed fast action roller doors are also suitable for smaller environments, where space is reduced, thanks also to the possibility to have the engine in the horizontal cross-beam.

Space is therefore being exploited to the full and roll-up high speed doors can satisfy the needs of a working environment that sees the continuous passage of people, forklifts and other machinery for the transport of goods, at the same time improving the logistics company also where the spaces of maneuver are reduced.

Available in a wide range of ral colors to best meet the needs of the customer, industrial high speed roll up door is easy to install and requires low maintenance over time.

-For internal use only
-Even for environments where space is reduced
-Quick to install, requires low maintenance
-Suitable for the continuous passage of people, forklifts and machinery for company logistics


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