OCM’s high speed doors for cold rooms

A high speed door door useful for working in cold environments, able to resist climatic changes and suitable for those who work in different temperatures. These are the undisputed advantages of OCM’s high-speed doors for refrigeration rooms. Tested at various temperatures, allow those working in the food industry or in low-temperature environments, to work in a practical and unforeseen way.

Processing in cold rooms or in warehouses with freezing materials often causes the freezing of structural elements, the presence of self-heating cables avoids this problem, often also causing wear and tear of various elements.

Even the passage between spaces that are at different temperatures does not become a reason for damage to the instrumentation thanks to the insulating capacity able to avoid thermal dispersion, always keeping stable temperatures inside the cold chambers.

The loss of energy is attenuated by the double PVC insulating sheet, this factor also avoids the possibility of sliding caused by ice that can often form on part of the structures used in industrial refrigeration.

Another important feature is that these fast doors guarantee a good energy saving to the structures where there are fast doors for cold rooms thanks to a high insulation capacity.


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